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Our Fuel less Power Generator (Video)

 The ​​​​SFPG-300,  Self-Reliant fuel less power Generator is a 100% green energy  generation system, built to rely on itself to generate electricity  without the aid of any form of external power source: unlike other  renewable energy generation systems such as hydro, solar and wind, which  depends on geographical and geological features to operate. The SFPG  300 is a standalone power machine. The Prototype built can produce 1.5kw  (230V 50Hz), but it gives out 1.2kw for use, the remaining 300W is  continually been stores in a different DC storage compartment within the  system, until it has fully multiplied to 1500W (1.5kw).
Whenever  there is a drop in the operating DC voltage, it automatically triggers a  release of the stored 1500W (1.5kw) which is immediately inverted to AC  voltage (230V 50Hz) in preparation for another cycle.
This green  energy solution operates 24hrs, but it is always advisable to allow rest  of 4hrs daily for longevity of the system, and has the capability of  scaling up to higher Kilowatts/Megawatts. 


Our Company

 Welcome  to Glyms Industries Ltd, our company was founded in Sept 2004.   Regnault Bamiji is the president/Founder of Glyms Industries  Ltd. Regnault is a respected and valued inventor of our time, an  Astronomer, Pilot and Aviation Mechanic. Regnault holds 36 aviation  certificates, from Pilot instrument proficiency to aviation maintenance.  He is a valued member of Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association USA.  Among his works are Jet helicopter, Jet engine Test Stand and Jet  engine, Gyroplane which he single-handed built. He was a member, Expert Group in Rocketry at the Nigerian Space Agency(NASRDA) and also a  member, Intellectual ventures Invention network, USA. Regnault was  awarded 'Master Robotic Builder' by Award-Winning Robotics and Science  kits (Board of Transistors, Resistors and I.C Chips California) for building a working prototype robot controlled by light and sound effects.
In his recent invention, Regnault invented  the Capacitor powered Automobile and Capacitor powered generator all pending patent at the USTPO located in Washington DC.. Several other patents has already been published by USPTO.  

Jet Helicpoter Plan

 Single Jet Helicopter construction Plan software provide the aircraft  enthusiast detail construction information to built this single seat  jet helicopter. It uses GBR-2 jet engine as source of power. 
The helicopter  has the advantage of remaining airborne if there is an in-flight engine  failure due to the momentum of the Jet engines at the tip of the blades  and will remain under full pilot control to glide safely down. 
Since  the aircraft is light, it provides room for more payloads. It does not  have complicated starting system, it uses the Piezo-electric starter  system, there is no direct coupling of engine shaft to rotor head as do  the conventional helicopter hence the reasons for the blade  auto-rotation to compliment in-flight engine failure and elimination of  tail rotor. 
The Jet engine for the Jet helicopter uses domestic gas  (Butane) as fuel and has very low fuel consumption but with high  operation efficiency, the engine exhaust emits only carbon dioxide and  steam which are ecologically friendly. 
The speed of this helicopter  is 102 miles/hr and does not require a runway, but behaves just like the  conventional helicopter in operation and manoeuvering. 


Engine_____________GBR-2 (2) 
Airscoop Air intake - 15.7 Ibs/sq"
Lenght ---------------------- 13ft 
Height -------------------------- 8.3ft 
Gross weight ---------------- 520 Ibs 
Empty weight ----------------- 280 Ibs 
Payload --------- -------------- 240 Ibs 
Engine thrust --- 52.8 Ibs(combine) 
Fuel -----------------------------Butane 
Fuel consumption ----- 1.6gals/per 
Max Altitude ----------13,500ft Max 
Speed ---------------------- 102 mph 
Rotor diameter -----------------26.4ft
Airfoil Profile --------- --- NACA 0012 
Rotor blade chord -------------- 11.9" 
Take off ----------------------- On spot 
Rotor rotation ---------------- 395rpm 
Rate of Climb ---------------  1000fpm 

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Construction plan fuel less power Generator(Magnet)

 Glyms Industries Ltd present the construction plan of our fuel less power generator. The fuel less power generator system is simply permanent magnets that are so arrange to create a very powerful repulsion of 125kg, spinning a shaft connected to an alternator at 3600rpm. The alternator in the process produce 220Vac @50hz, You may wish to built only our Magnetic motor and use appropriate Alternators in the market, or you can built our Motor generator(Alternator) too according to our construction plan. With our construction  you can built and generate your own electricity. The construction plan is very easy to follow, you can built from 1.2kw to higher Kw. to supply your home and even commercialized in your neighborhood. You are now the power generation station. 


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Jet Engine construction plan

   Instruction for the assembly of the Jet engines,  from construction package, Assembly kits or building it from scratch using a construction plans only.  One must follow a certain order in assembling the  parts in a proper sequence which is suggested here  by providing steps to follow.  Each part of the engine is numbered,  same number appear in constructions. Parts  list, price list are on each part. On small parts  it has a label; larger parts are just marked with  Marker pen. All engines have same part numbers,  the only difference is the second number which  refers to the jet thrust. Example a second stage is the  part #12. If the second number is written: #12-40,  it means it is a second stage for 40Lbs of thrust.  Same marking system applies to all parts.  

Price: $230

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Jet Helicopter Construction Plan

  Single Jet Helicopter construction Plan software provide  the aircraft enthusiast detail construction information to  built this single seat jet helicopter. It uses GBR-2  jet engine as source of power.
The helicopter has the advantage of remaining airborne  if there is an in-flight engine failure due to the momentum  of the Jet engines at the tip of the blades and will remain under  full pilot control to glide safely down.
Since the aircraft is light, it provides room for more payloads.  It does not have complicated starting system, it uses the  Piezo-electric starter system, there is no direct coupling  of engine shaft to rotor head as do the conventional helicopter  hence the reasons for the blade auto-rotation to compliment  in-flight engine failure and elimination of tail rotor.

The Jet engine for the Jet helicopter uses domestic gas  (Butane) as fuel and has very low fuel consumption but  with high operation efficiency, the engine exhaust emits  only carbon dioxide and steam which are ecologically friendly.
The speed of this helicopter is 102 miles/hr and does not  require a runway, but behaves just like the conventional  helicopter in operation and maneuvering.   


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Capacitor Powered fueless Automobile

Green Energy Automobiles

 THE CAPACITOR POWERED AUTOMOBILE-Future technology horizon.
The capacitor powered automobile was invented, designed and built by Regnault Bamiji. This car is of the present and future based on its exciting features. It is not an electric car that will need a charging station to charge its depleted batteries, but uses the mechanical and heat energies generated by the wheels to keep its capacitors and DC storage in full charge all the time. And when there is a drop of voltage during operation, it will trigger a release of the charged DC voltage stored in the DC compartment to keep the voltages up.
This automobile does not use any fuel, no exhaust fumes, no noise(Operation is silent), its a fully stand a lone fuel less power automobile. It has a 5 speed automatic transmission gear system, The future of automobile is hereby fully born, an environmentally friendly machine. 

Capacitor Powered Automobile

Enjoying a ride in my capacitor powerd automobile.No charging stations needed as do electric cars. it charges itself while driving. no fuel, no exhaust fumes,no vibration. environmentally friendly machine.


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SFPG300V Fuel Less Generator

 The ​​​​SFPG-300,  Self-Reliant fuel less power Generator is a 100% green energy  generation system, built to rely on itself to generate and supply electricity. 

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Capactitor Powered Automobile

The capacitor powered automobile uses specialised capacitors that charges itself while driving the car, no need for charging stations as do electric cars, no fuel , no exhaust fumes. its an environmentally friendly machine. Has a 5 speed automatic transmission system.

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